Fat’s Where It’s At

week oneHere’s the deal: I’m a 25 year-old who loves food, especially sugar. I have loved sugar my entire life. I love to eat. I love to cook. I have struggled with finding the balance between eating sugar, exercising, not eating sugar, not eating, not exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s a challenge. But I have found a lifestyle that embraces the idea of eating flavorful, delicious, carb-free meals, that make you forget you aren’t eating sugar. It’s a new journey that I want to help others embrace and love. I have never felt this great before, and I encourage you to follow me on my journey. I will not only be attempting to create new and inventive low-carb dishes, along with instructions and recipes of how to cook these dishes, but I will also be providing ways to heal yourself from the inside out and feel healthy for the rest of your life. What the heck is “keto culture”? It’s a lifestyle that embraces the idea that whole foods containing zero sugar will create ketosis within in the body and burn fat rather than sugars. It’s all about fat. You eat fat to burn fat. Embracing this culture, (I refrain from calling it a diet because it does not feel restrictive in any way), will make you feel wonderful. Since this is my first week embracing keto culture, a phrase I created, I am still learning a lot. But in this first week, I have learned a few things. Here is a weekly roundup of a few of my faves my husband and I cooked this week.The first thing I do every morning is drink a large glass of ice water with REAL lemon juice in it. Not lemonade or crystal light (contains fake sugar). The benefits of drinking lemon water are endless. It balances pH levels in the body, aids in digestion, wards off cavities, lightens your mood, strengthens immune system, helps with weight loss, decreases split ends and dandruff in hair, and brightens and smooths out skin. So no more soda or alcohol or smoothies or fruity, high sugar beverages; just pretty water in a pretty glass. It will instantly make your day so much better.waterIt’s a no-brainer that not eating sugar will make you feel better. But it doesn’t seem fair that foods containing natural sugars (like fruit) are also banned from this lifestyle. I mean, fruit is healthy, right? Even though it is healthy, the attempt of keto culture is to rid the body of all sugar so that all your body can do is burn fat (a state referred to as ketosis). But don’t be discouraged. You can still eat foods that remind you of foods containing natural and refined sugars without feeling any of the guilt. Instead of eating stir fried chicken with rice or a burrito bowl with rice, grind raw cauliflower in the blender until it has the consistency of rice and cook it on the stove for 10 minutes to let it cook. It’s delicious and it is SO good for you. 1613797_872597256111019_4357536761799568209_nInstead of bread, use crushed up pork rinds and Parmesan cheese. This makes a delicious coating for meat, mozzarella, or vegetables. I love chicken cordon bleu, but instead of coating it in bread crumbs, I coat it in crushed up pork rinds and Parmesan. It’s delicious and fast. I also love using Parmesan cheese and ranch powder to coat chicken as well. 11218242_871161176254627_4767905776145519207_o MAP_1153My favorite time of day to eat is brunch. My husband loves fried and scrambled eggs, I love poached and hard boiled eggs. If you fuse those two together, you get omelette muffins. But there are so many wonderful things you can do with eggs, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, bacon, sausage, etc. I will continue to delve into creative brunch ideas and try to inspire others along the way. 11401489_872877696082975_2864132478573024568_n So take a peek into my kitchen every week and I hope you enjoy what I create. If you post your low-carb meals on social media, please use #ketoculture and I will feature some of my favorites along the way. Follow me on instagram at @mrslauraperkins to see other behind the scenes photos. PicMonkey Collage

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