Taco Thursday

I am a taco enthusiast. I can tell you about all the tacos in a ten mile radius of me here in Texas. And in the summer, when I am knee-deep in humidity, feeling like I need to swim just to wade through the heat, I want something light and refreshing to eat, with just a bit of heat to counteract the hellish temperatures outside. Don’t ask me how that makes sense in my head, but it does.
These tacos incorporate everything I love about spicy street tacos, but with the bonus that they are Keto friendly. The jicama “tortilla” is light, crisp, and refreshing; and it perfectly balances with the heat incorporated inside the taco. I’m a big fan. I will definitely be having these for taco Tuesday AND taco Thursday.

Jicama Street Tacos
What is jicama? It is a tuber and is the size of a large turnip and resembles a potato when cut. It tastes very similar to celery and is not starchy like a potato, even though it can be cooked like a potato (mashed, fried, etc). I found the jicama pre-sliced into thin rounds, roughly the same size as a corn tortilla shell, in my grocery store, but you can buy a whole jicama and thinly slice it with a mandolin or a sharp knife.
tacos5-5Combine ground turkey with a can of diced chipotle peppers and cook together until the turkey is browned and slightly crispy in the pan. Place on cold “tortilla”. You can also grill or fry the jicama, but I found that I prefer it crisp and clean.
tacos2-2My favorite street taco toppings are mashed avocado, cilantro, and radish, but you could definitely change the toppings to your desired flavors. These are very classic street taco flavors that I am using.
tacos6-6tacos4-4The combination of ground turkey, smoky chipotle, peppery radish, cool avocado, crisp jicama, and herby cilantro all work perfectly together to create a tasty taco. I also really love the jicama because it does not get soggy like a corn tortilla.
tacos1-1Another variation on these classic taco flavors is to grill the jicama “tortilla”, top with store-bought carnitas, diced onion, radish, and cilantro. The flavors are all very clean. It makes the perfect quick weeknight dinner and its completely low in carbs, fat, and high in protein.

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